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        We specialize in the mining of gold and the processing of ore into concentrates containing gold and other minerals for subsequent sale.

        We have three operating mines in the Chifeng Municipality. The Chifeng Municipality is situated in eastern Inner Mongolia , at the junction of Inner Mongolia , Hebei Province and Liaoning Province , adjacent to Chengde , Hebei Province and Chaoyang , Liaoning Province and approximately 500 km from Beijing . The Chifeng Municipality is well connected to other major cities of the country through air routes,

        railways and highways. A number of new highways have recently been completed and have commenced operations in the Chifeng Municipality , including the Chifeng to Chaoyang , Chifeng to Tongliao and Chifeng to Daban highways . In addition , a number of other infrastructure projects are under construction in the Chifeng Municipality , including the Chifeng to Chengde highway and a large-scale military and civil airport.
        The Chifeng Municipality is situated directly between the two major economic zones of north-eastern and northern China and at the junction of the Bohai Rim economic zone ,spanning across the Daxinganling poly-metallic mineralization belt and the gold mineralization belt at the northern rim of Northern China Di Tai .
        The Chifeng Municipality is rich in mineral resources and the area has a long history of production of precious metals and nonferrous metals. In recent years , increases in metal prices , as well as implementation of the government s favored policies , including the " Western China Development Plan " , " Redevelopment of Old Industrial Headquarters of North-eastern China " and " Assistance to the Eastern Region of the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region " have created a mining boom in the Chifeng Municipality , with numerous new discoveries of mineral deposits and new development of mining properties . In 2003, the municipality commission and government of Chifeng invited over 80 experts and academics to a seminar on the development prospects of mineral resources of the Daxinganling area. Participants submitted a joint long-term recommendation , in particular , the recommendation to the State Council entitled " Joint Recommendation Regarding an Important Nonferrous Metal Resource Headquarters in Central Southern Daxinganling " for the development of the nonferrous metal industry in the Chifeng Municipality . This recommendation was supported by State Council Premier Wen Jiabao and relevant ministries and commissions. Our Gold Mines are among these newly-developed mining projects. Since then, the Chifeng Municipality has become an important base for strategic mineral resources in China.
        We aspire to differentiate ourselves from other PRC mining operators by implementing a modern management structure and a series of internal control procedures to ensure that we are able to operate efficiently.
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